MEDIUM roast

MEDIUM-dark roast

mexican chiapas

Grown in the southern mountain region of Mexico, near Guatemala, this coffee has a brisk acidity, delicate flavor and light to medium body.

organic honduras san pedro

Full-bodied roast that remains sweet and smooth with no hint of bitterness.

Bali island reserve

Grown in the central highlands of Bali, this exceptional coffee is nicely balanced and exotically complex with a fruity, sweet and aromatic finish.

MEDIUM roast

the indonesians

          Rich, full-bodied beans with earthy notes

MEDIUM roast

MEDIUM roast

        the americas

 Clean, sparkling, bright-flavored beans with a crisp finish and medium to full body

MEDIUM-dark roast

organic sumatra mandheling

Mandheling beans are considered the finest Sumatra offers with mild, earthy notes, a brown sugar taste, and a full-bodied texture, muted acidity with a complex aroma.

MEDIUM-dark roast

organic nicaragua shg

SHG (Strictly High Grown) is a designation given to only the highest grade Nicaraguan coffees. Like pure syrupy pleasure, this coffee will have you licking the last drops out of your cup.

Portland, Oregon


costa rica doka estate

This Doka Estate original will surprise your senses with its honey & nut aromas and a taste of tranquility.

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colombian supremo

The highest grade of Colombia, grown along the Andean slopes, a well-balanced coffee with a delicate grassy flavor and nut-like aroma.