HOUSE blend

Exotic coffees from the finest growing regions in the world: Central America, Africa and Indonesia, are combined to develop a balanced cup.

dark roast

Pearl district blend

Experience Old Town Oregon in The Pearl. This mouth-watering blend is roasted to a beautiful medium-dark to develop a wood-like aroma without any bitterness, a truly Northwest Tradition.

Portland, Oregon


Light roast

mountain water decaf

Naturally decaffeinated, by using water to remove caffeine, this process allows the coffee to keep all the aromas and freshness of these Mexican coffee beans, smooth and sweet.

medium roast

​​morning ride

Totally Scandinavian in quality, this blend combines rare varietals that grow high in the volcanic soils where they age to perfection. These coffees produce a traditional aromatic and sweet cup.

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celestia espresso

In the Southern Italian tradition, these coffees are dark roasted for a heavenly espresso with an amazing crema.

dark roast

amazon trail

Grown on the edge of the Amazon jungle and Andes Mountains, this shade-grown, Fair Trade Organic coffee provides a smooth, clean, well-balanced taste. Full City roast.

MEDIUM-dark roast

medium-dark roast

italian roast

Our Italian Roast is a perfectly balanced blend from the coffee estates regions of Africa, South America and Indonesia.  The blend is roasted to our darkest shade to produce the most intense smooth flavor.

MEDIUM roast


In a meld of science and artistry, our cuppers combine varietals in specific recipes to create our blends which, through symbiosis, enhance and enrich the varietals' properties and engage all of our senses.