MEDIUM roast

MEDIUM-dark roast


A renowned bean meticulously balanced between roast and flavor, providing the floral notes that give this coffee its world class status.

Portland, Oregon



The very best grade of Kenya's coffee beans, grown on the high plateaus of Africa, delivers full body, delicious rich winey flavor with bright acidity and floral tones that finish into citrus & berry.


The peaberry happens when there is only one seed inside of the coffee fruit, giving a pea-shaped bean. Only 5 to 10% of all coffee beans have this form. It is enjoyed for its fruity notes and light acidity: a lively, savory cup with full-bodied flavor, hints of pineapple, citrus and black currant and a pleasantly sweet aftertaste.


    the africans

 Sparkling acidity with great balance; some of the most flavorful coffees found anywhere

MEDIUM roast

Most.people are aware of viticulture regions of the world and their influence on the finished product of wines. Coffee culture is very similar: the climate, elevation, soil chemistry, species, cultivars and varieties of the coffee plant all contribute to the final outcome of the taste of the bean even before the processing and roasting come in to play.

The Arabica species, of Ethiopian origin, is most commonly cultivated in Latin America and boasts the most preferred varietals for gourmet blends. The Canephora species, of Ugandan origin, predominates in Africa and it's most common subspecies, Robusta, is the major component of most supermarket-type blends. Both species are grown also throughout the other major coffee-growing regions: India, Indonesia and Asia.

The weather can greatly influence a crop's quality. Our scouts and buyers stay current with crop influences and make their selections accordingly to secure the best quality of beans consistently.

Our delightful and treasured cuppers coax the best flavors from these varietals by determining the optimum roast profile to evoke the best aroma, flavor and finish.

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