Our Story

About Us

At Cycle Town our coffee is what motivates us, what moves us.  With over 100 years of coffee experience crammed into every roast.  We decided in 2013, to put our knowledge of coffee and love of the outdoors into one place…and Cycle Town Coffee Roasters was born.

Now that we are out in the open, we are passionate about sharing our coffee with anyone and everyone.  Keeping up with everything we have jammed into one day is hard enough, but at least coffee will all ways be there to give us the jump start we need,  So for whatever motivates you to get up in the morning, we hope to be a part of that daily ritual.

Portland has long been the center for the outsiders, the occult and the best underground coffee scene maybe, ever.  So, we figured there was no better place to start Cycle Town then in the heart of coffee mecca and where biking is the preferred mode of transportation.